Out The Box - Coco Pops

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Each puff of Coco Pops E-Juice by Out the Box is filled with the satisfying chocolate crunch of your favorite cocoa cereal. Every spoonful brims with rich chocolate bites of cereal and whole milk that’s gradually turned into a creamy scoop of chocolate milk. The flavor profile of Coco Pops vape juice delivers pure cocoa goodness on the inhale, followed by the subtle taste of sugar and milk. Made with 70 % VG and 30 % PG, Coco Pops is certainly no slouch when it comes to stirring up clouds. You can trust that the sweet scent will linger and curl up to your nostrils long after you exhale. There’s only one thing to do after you take a vape of Coco Pops e-liquid: take another vape. Don’t worry; this juice comes in 60 ml bottles, so there’ll be plenty to go around.